Turquoise Tree of Life Double Bracelet

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About: This Turquoise Tree of Life Double Bracelet symbolizes the Force of Life.

The symbolism of trees and leaves is apparent in common metaphors such as the Tree of Life, our ancestral heritage depicted in ‘family trees’, how we ‘put down roots’ when we create lasting relationships, and in the phrase ‘turning over a new leaf’ when we experience significant change for the better. 

Turquoise enhances the ability to see all aspects of ourselves, good and bad, and to integrate these aspects into a cohesive whole. While it is tempting to try and rid ourselves of the traits of self that are not entirely enlightened. Wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace all of who we are and what we have learned.


  • Elasticated insert
  • Materials: Semi-precious stones, Turquoise
  • Metals: Zinc alloy