Handmade Crystal Quartz Magic Lamp

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About: Amethyst is famously known as Nature's Tranquilizer, due to it's calming and soothing effects. It is a powerful tool for healing both animals and plants. Amethyst can help transform negative energies, especially when placed in areas where life refuses to thrive.

Working with this crystal on the third eye can help provoke positive dreams and even counteract insomnia! Amethyst also helps amplify creative energy by inspiring new and original ideas! It is a wonderful crystal to have around for composers, poets, inventors, and painters. Creativity can be amplified by placing Amethyst in your studio or other artistic space. Add Amethyst to your crystal collection to aid in creative endeavors and heal both yourself and those around you!


  • Material: Quartz Crystal
  • Size: approx 100mm/4"