Best Travel Destinations for Boho Souls

Enrich Your Boho Spirit at One of the Many Famous Hippie Destinations

Boho souls are always looking for a new place to enrich their mind and spirit. Traveling to famous hippie destinations is a beautiful way to do just that. When you find yourself in need of a reset – a time to intentionally step away from the busyness of day-to-day life and simply pause and breathe, use this as your guide to some of the top destinations for boho travelers.



Also knows as the “Garden Island,” Kauai is truly a paradise that has been preserved thanks to its dedication to preventing overdevelopment. There are certainly resorts that attract the average vacationer, but for the most part, Kauai attracts free spirits that are looking to experience local life and the beauty of nature. Go on one of many yoga retreats the island offers or plan a trip yourself – no matter how you end up in Kauai, your boho soul will never want to leave.

Playa Koralia, Colombia

Nothing grounds us quite like immersing ourselves in nature – becoming one with a vast ecosystem. While others may be drawn to big cities with large crowds, Playa Koralia in Columbia allows boho spirits to take a break from technology, and quite frankly, people. Whether you are staying in one of their secluded cabins or camping on the beach, you will experience true serenity – surrounded by the untouched nature bordering the Tayrona National Park, and enjoying food provided by the very land beneath your feet.

Loisaba Conservancy, Kenya

Looking to break out your boho wardrobe and explore the safari? The Loisaba Conservancy is calling your name. Here, you can stay in the Lodo Springs, where you have a private room with stunning views of the northern Kenyan landscape, a dedicated guest ambassador, your own safari vehicle, and a field guide happy to showcase the splendor of the lands. You can also stay in the tented camps, which offer a view of Mount Kenya and the incredible wildlife enjoying the waterhole just beneath the grounds.


No list of famous hippie destinations would be complete without Ibiza, which has been a hippie’s paradise for decades. Though you can find party after party in southern Ibiza, the northern and interior are quant, giving the perfect “off the grid” feel. There are gorgeous forests, villages that are untouched by the masses, and some of the most secluded coves in all of Ibiza. Go to Sant Joan to experience the local Ibizan-life vibes and check out Sant Carles to enjoy the amazing hippie market.

We are surrounded by noise, crowds, and a rapid pace of life day-to-day. That reality is enough to drain anyone’s energy, but it really takes a toll on those of us that are free-spirited. Thankfully, there are stunning places where we can recenter ourselves – enjoying serene villages and untouched nature. Where does your boho soul feel drawn to? A preserved paradise, calming isolation, tranquility in the safari, or a hippie’s wonderland?