Learning About Bohemian Culture and How to Dress More Boho-Chic

What’s bohemian style? We hear these words but don’t necessarily know what they mean: what makes something boho? The reality is bohemian style and fashion are more than just clothing choices – it’s a lifestyle that dates back to the 18th century. 

Bohemian culture has been evolving for a long time and has become the center of a movement to encourage free-spirited and creative behavior across the world. A culture that began with impoverished artists has become widely known for how it inspires individualism and creative expression.

Boho culture is all about expression and acceptance. There are many ways to incorporate a more boho-chic touch into your own lifestyle and become part of a large subculture that reaches all facets of the globe.

The Origins of Bohemian Style

The name "Bohemian" is actually derived from a derogatory term. This term was used in French society to describe nomadic gypsies that migrated from Bohemia. These people were known for their unorthodox clothing. This is why creatives who took a more artistic stance in fashion were compared to this group.

The term was then gradually adopted and is now known to describe people who choose to experiment more freely with what they wear. It defines someone with a more artistic nature or a high-class intellectual with a superior fashion sense.

How Bohemian Style Has Evolved Over Time

In their early stages, the bohemian style developed because the early 19th century didn’t allow much space for artistic value. To follow a lifestyle as an artist, people typically had to relinquish certain material values and settle on a simpler life. Many artists and creatives wore second-hand clothing and didn’t pay attention to how they dressed. As a result, they often wore layers of clothing, loose-fitted clothing, funky patterns, and didn't follow many rules for their wardrobe.

As we moved through the 19th century, the bohemian style evolved as a label for expression. boho culture became more intentional and well known as a label for artsy people who were expressive through their clothing. Boho culture is known for the freedom of expression it permits. It embodies a culture of more flowy clothing and hairstyles, with fewer wardrobe restrictions and demands.

How to Incorporate Boho-Chic into Your Own Style

There aren’t many rules when it comes to dressing boho-chic. The aesthetic embodies the idea of dressing freely and expressively. If you’re thinking bohemian style, try more floral button-up tee-shirts and long flowy ruffle skirts. Try incorporating more floral patterns, tye-dye shirts, and lots of stripes.

 You can go for mom jeans with a blouse tucked in or a maxi dress with colors or a pattern that resonates with your personality. Boho chic can be vibrant colors or earthy tones, depending on personality and preference. You can mix designs and prints however you want, and the more loose-fitted your outfit is, the better. In boho style, your clothes are supposed to convey your artistic and unique personality.

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