Vintage Water Propagation Station

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About: Grow new plants from your favorite plant using water propagation while putting your new plant babies on display for all to see.

Growing new plants from cuttings is very easy to do so using our Vintage Water Propagation Station!

Our Vintage Water Propagation Station will showcase your precious cuttings in a retro, yet gorgeous vintage display.

Take your cuttings, fill up the glass bulbs with water and watch your babies develop new roots in no time!

Each bulb can easily be removed for a hand-wash cleaning 

Quick 3 Step Water Propagation Guide

  1. Take your cuttings with a minimum of 3-4 leaves by snipping at a node (where the leaf meets the stem). Feel free to take multiple cuttings from the same plant or vine.
  2. Remove the bottom leaf while keeping 1-2 top leaves. When possible, you should have 2 bottom nodes submerged as it increases the number of roots developing.
  3. Take your cuttings, fill up the bulbs with water and patiently wait until your roots have grown to about 1 inch or 2.5 cm before transferring to soil. 

After your successful water propagation, Enjoy your new plant babies! And watch your plants grow for years to come. 

Or choose to gift your successful propagation's to one of your friends or relatives.

And of course, you can trade your new propagation's to expand your plant collection, who doesn't love new species? 

Note to take multiple cuttings from the same or different plants because some cuttings (roots) will die in the transition from water to soil.  


  • Includes: 1x Metal stand + (1, 2 or 3) Glass vases.
  • Size single: 10x6x11 cm / 3.9x2.4x4.3 inch.
  • Size double: 17x6x11 cm / 6.7x2.4x4.3 inch.
  • Size triple: 23.5x6x11 cm / 9.3x2.4x4.3 inch.
  • Plants or cuttings not included.