Earth's Moon Vintage Poster

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About: The Earth’s Moon Poster is an atlas and almanac in one. This wall map is abundant in information as it features comprehensive depictions of the moon’s surface, with a refined index showing the named physical features. Diagrams display the moon’s orbital paths, rotation around Earth, librations, how solar and lunar eclipses occur, and how the moon affects Earth’s tides. The phases of the moon are detailed along with the features visible in each phase. Craters, mountain ranges, highlands, seas, rays, and other physical features are described, as are the moon’s physical properties, moon lore, and more. Comparisons to the moons of other planets in our solar system and information on the Apollo Missions is included as well. This map is both an attractive object of art and a handy reference tool for anyone interested in astronomy.

Specs: Made from Kraft Paper. Size: 70x44cm/ 27.6"x17.3"