Lotus Blossom Macramé Wall Hanging

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About: This lotus blossom-inspired macramé wall hanging is the perfect decoration that adds texture to your walls and radiates a positive, welcoming energy into your home. Hung from a natural wood frame, the wall hanging is ideal for displaying in any living space, from a bedroom to a hallway.

The Lotus Flower is a symbol of purity, beauty, eternity, prosperity, and fertility. Because of its unique blooming cycle, the flower demonstrates the act of transitioning into purity, rising from the muddy ground then blooming into a natural masterpiece. This sacred flower is also used to describe feminine beauty within the human eye, because the eye is the gateway to the soul.

Macramé, a centuries-old knotting style that was previously a hallmark of 1970s-era decor, has re-emerged as the textile du jour for the modern home. Its comforting cotton texture and intricate patterns within each design allow them to blend into the layout of a room while also adding softness and warmth.


  • Roughly 13'' (33cm) wide and 24'' (60cm) in length. 
  • Material: 100% Cotton