Ancient Sapeque & Fortune Bell Carillon

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About: This Fortune Bell & Sapeque Carillon is a key instrument of Feng Shui. It emits a sweet and harmonious tingle that purifies and helps circulate the energies in your home. It is handmade with 4 alloy tubes, 5 copper bells and Sapeque coin replicas. 

Chinese coins, called sapeques, are traditionally used as currency for Feng Shui, or for Yi King. The Chinese piece is a symbol of prosperity very popular in China, and is often used as an amulet. The old round Chinese coin, with a square hole in the middle, was first issued under the Qin Dynasty. The shapes of these Feng Shui coins and Chinese coins have real meaning. The round shape of the coin symbolizes the sky, and the hole in the center of the Chinese coin represents the earth.

Specs: The total length of the carillon is approximately 65 cm (25.6 inches) and the bells are 4 x 2.5 cm. The top board diameter is 9 cm.