Aromatherapy Humidifier Candle

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About: This Air Candle Humidifier has a modern candle design that brews up a warm, romantic, and peaceful atmosphere with the luxurious aesthetics and candle lit appearance. This unique Air Candle design enhances your mood unlike any other humidifier out there. With the fresh and satisfying natural moisturizing agent and the mood enhancing candle lit design, you will instantly see why so many people are satisfied and loving theirs!


  • Deeply moisturize your skin and throat with nano water mist
  • Romantic candle light design instantly enhances mood
  • Convenient 4 hour humidifier timer - 1 hour light enhancing timer
  • USB powered for easy use

Please make sure the cotton swab wet completely before using, the moisture is necessary for successful humidification.
Do not use distilled water or purified water, which will cause water droplets to block and affect the fog.