Floral Double-faced Throw

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About: Love Floral designs? So do we! We are especially in love with this holiday cotton throw blanket. It adds that perfect bohemian accent to any living room or bedroom. The blanket comes in 8 different sizes for you to choose from.


  • 90x90cm/35.4"x35.4"
  • 90x150cm/35.4"x59"
  • 90x180cm/35.4"x70.8"
  • 90x210cm/35.4"x82.6"
  • 90x240cm/35.4"x94.4"
  • 130x180cm/51"x70.8"
  • 180x230cm/70.8"x90.5"
  • 230x250cm/90.5"x98.4"