Mini Buddha Statue in Ceramic and Porcelain

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About: This peaceful mini statue depicts Buddha in the four different mudras. there are four types of mudra which 'seal' the enlightened body, speech, mind and activity of the deity. Made of ceramic and porcelain, this handcrafted statue is the perfect relaxing and calming touch for any space.

Specs: Statue measures approximately 3.54 inches high (9 cm). 

What are the Mudras (Hand Gestures) andTheir Meanings?

Bhumisparsa Mudra (The truth of his words)
Dhyana Mudra (gesture of absolute of meditation)
Namskara Mudra (gesture of greeting, prayer and adoration)
Abhaya Mudra (Protection, Reassurance, Blessing)

Part of Buddhist Tea ceremony, some people bath this little Buddha with tea, as its believed to attract abundance, prosperity and to be one of the most powerful good luck talisman.