Natural Quartz Crystals Point Wand Gift Box

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Clear Quartz: A shield against negative energy and infused with potent positive vibes, the Clear Quartz stone is a sublime emotional aid for all those seeking a long-term pick me up. This icy bright and luminous stone gets to work on the soul, kicking out the energy that is dragging you down and infusing you with a new sense of purpose and play. It stimulates brighter feelings and takes even the tiniest hint of joy and turns it into something larger than life if you are willing to let it. 

Lapis Lazulis: A stone of wisdom, intuition, and truth, Lapis Lazuli is a powerful crystal for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self. The Lapis Lazuli crystal properties are known for opening the third eye chakra, the center of intuition and inner wisdom. By enhancing your ability to turn inward and uncover your truth, the Lapis Lazuli crystal healing properties can support anyone ready to step into their power and authentic self.  

Tiger Eye: Get grounded, feel steady and safe, and let deep inner strength and courage shine when you turn to the practical magic of the Tiger Eye. Working to clear away negative energy, this stone is ready to tap into your third eye and help you walk through the world with pride.

Aventurine: Aventurine is a confidence booster in its bright shades of green. Nicknamed the Stone of Opportunity, you can be sure that good things will be flying your way when you tap into its lucky powers. Aventurine links to the heart chakra bringing gratitude, hope, and pure positivity to the table.

Amethyst: One of the most soothing styles of healing crystals, the Amethyst Stone is a known healer and spiritual leaper. A nurturer of the crown chakra, Amethyst is ever ready to stack your soul with serenity and help you find your clarity.

Rose Quartz: A heart healer, Rose Quartz brings its petal-soft shades and gentle vibes to help you let go of old hurts and stitch up the wounds of your soul. This pale pink quartz is all about positive energy, deep compassion, and learning to love yourself.

Black Obsidian: The Obsidian crystal meaning is one of the most powerful for protection, but it works differently than many other protective crystals. Whereas other dark stones for protection work by shielding you from negativity, an Obsidian crystal brings negativity within your energy field to the surface and allows you to confront the unwanted energy you have been holding onto. By bringing your awareness to these darker energies, you can release them. The Obsidian crystal healing properties also protect your energy by providing a sense of grounding and security. By balancing and clearing your root chakra, the stone helps to anchor you to the earth and your foundation so you can feel supported and protected. 


  • Size: 4-5cm/1.57''-1.96''
  • Weight: 200g

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