String Hanging Propagation Bottles

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About: Create hanging propagation displays! Propagate your small houseplants and cuttings while displaying them in a unique way! 

The set includes 3 strings with each 8, 9 and 10 glass bottles. Create beautiful displays using the different lengths of the strings.

For example, hang your propagation strings in front of a window, showing off your newly rooting cuttings!

Take your cuttings, fill up the glass bottles with water and watch your cuttings develop new roots in no time!


  • Includes: 3 strings (8, 9 and 10 bottles per string).
  • Size strings: 115,130,140 cm / 45.3,51.2,55.2 inch.
  • Size bottles: 4x2 cm / 1.6x0.8 inch.
  • Plants or cuttings not included.